Zenfolio | Tom Jackson Photography | Two Souls: April 2011

Artist's Statement:

The stunning architecture and statuary of the many religious sites in Hong Kong serve as a constant and sincere reminder of the deep faith of those who live in the region. This collection of images is the result of a number of very challenging location shoots. The beauty and presence of these locations has to be captured whilst maintaining complete respect for the religious beliefs and superstitions of those there to worship. From the imposing architecture and grandeur of the Chi Lin Nunnery and Wong Tai Sin, to the humble street temples of Lantau island, this collection represents the full gamut of religious sites in Hong Kong.

This collection was exhibited at The Bradford Playhouse from April - May 2011.
Nan Lian PagodaReturn to Chi LinBuddha BokehThe Good Wish GardenTai O, Lantau Island, Hong KongChi LinBuddha AbstractYuen Yuen Institute, Tsuen Wan, Hong KongFung Ying Seen Koon, Fanling, Hong Kong